Laura Zylstra, second from left, is the raffle winner of the "Nascar Weekend Pakage for 2" at the Texas State Forest Festival sponsored by the East Texas Corvette Club.  Also pictured, Jeep Compton, Terry Faircloth, and Sue Faircloth.  

From the Vice-President, Rodney Blankenship:
Subject: Crystal Beach Trip Newsletter
Date: Wed., August 29,2012

Hello Club Members,

Many thanks go out to our President and wife, Debbie, for a great time on Crystal Beach the 24-26th of August. It may not have been Camp David, but it sure was a close second. Of course the president I am speaking of is Mr. Larry Cain of the East Texas Corvette Club. Those in attendance were Larry & Debbie Cain, Jeep & Janis Compton, Harold & Carol Cassidy, Terry & Sue Faircloth, Gene Sullivan, Stacy Williams, and Rodney & Dee Blankenship.

Gene furnished the meats for lunch on Saturday and excellent as always; Janis made baked beans with my help (could have used more syrup ha! ha!). Dee fixed two bowls of potato salad, and I cut the cantaloupe, but not without cutting myself. Maybe that is why Dee does not like me in the kitchen.

Saturday night was off to Stingerees for seafood and then to Sharkys II for live band dancing, a little pool and a lot of adult beverages. We made it back home by midnight. It must be the gray hair that kept us from going till last call @ 2:00 A.M. 

I think we could have stayed another week, but Larry ended that when he said rent started at 3:00 P.M. Sunday.

Terry is a chef himself, putting together Sunday breakfast for all after he got up at 9:00 A.M. Jeep stepped aside and let the girls make some fixings for their casa. Probably that was best for I have eaten Jeep's cooking.

For all that did not make the trip, you missed a great time. We would have loved everyone present if only for the day Saturday. The Corvette Car club is for all to enjoy, and it does not have to be a car show or driving your C5 or just your favorite antiquie for an event like this. Only two Vettes were present. We could not have gotten six to a Vette, thus requiring only one designated driver. Terry was ours, but I was not the only guy that said cokes came in brown longnecks.

Chuck & Pat Royston came for a few hours on Saturday. They had a family reunion in Galveston. Pat gave directions to the reunion, but I feel sure they were wrong. Guess she thought we were just to distant of cousins or we were the black sheep of the Smith family.

Thanks again Larry and Debbie for the great time!


From the Vice-President, Rodney Blankenship:
Subject: Jefferson Trip Notes From Rodney
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 

We had 7 cars that went for the day, Sue and Terry Faircloth, Harold and Carol Cassidy(with their top down), Rodney and Dee Blankenship left from Lufkin. We joined up with John and Norma in Nacogdoches and Rick and Kathie in Marshall. Rick cleared the road of any County Mounties ahead of us. Larry and Debbie showed up at noon, they gave some reason like it was their 2nd honeymoon for being late. And yes Paul Pruitt slid in unannounced with his new vette, but kept it hid, so I am not sure what I have heard is true about the purchase. Maybe it is just a Race Horse he named “Vette”.

The day was perfect 70 degrees on the way there and believe it or not it was 70 degrees on the way back, with the air conditioner on. The food was great and we got to see some 70 other Vette owners in the show. Not all that went, entered the show. Harold, Rick and Rodney entered, sorry to say not all that entered got a trophy, but Kathie picked up a door prize and to my disbelief, the old 54 Vette took 1st in C-1 Class, heads up against 3 other Top Flight C-1’s. The last trophy was Best of Show for 70 plus entries. The car was #70, which went to the old blue 54 Vette. Stick that in your hat, Jeep,Haaaaaa. Just kidding, you know me, or do you? Jeep I will be happy to guide you through on how to win Best of show and Sammy has some pointers also.

I think everyone enjoyed each other’s company, and that is what it is all about, more than any Trophy. I can’t wait to do it again in August. Just hope Larry and Debbie are not on their 4th honeymoon, I really like my sleep at night, and all night.

Signing Off,


A big thanks to Terry for finding out about the Vette Show in Jefferson.


June 2, 2012
From the President, Larry Cain:

Thanks to all who turned out for the Big Cypress Corvete Classic car show in Jefferson, Texas. We had a nice turnout, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were a lot of nice Corvettes of all generations, but none could top our very own Rodney Blankenship's '54. Not only did Rodney win Best of "C1" class, also BEST OF SHOW! He needed help carrying all his trophies.
Congratulations, Rodney and Dee! (I think Dee did most of the work).


May 12, 2012
For those who could not make it to the Super-Chevy car show in Ennis, Texas, GeneSullivan added a couple more Gold Cups and another jacket to his collection for his '69 Camaro.  (According to Rodney, Gene had a little help from Jeep)  Rodney Blankenshipalso won his class in the 53-67 Vette class for his '54 Vette.
April, 2011
East Texas Corvette Club donates funds to Angelina Alliance for Children
to support Harold's House.

Have You Heard?

Check out the slide show on the "What's Happening" page!

From the Secretary, Sue Faircloth:
Date: November 19, 2014

"Christmas on the Square" in Crockett is this Saturday, November 22 from 10AM till 5PM.
The Square is completely full of craft and FOOD (Steve) vendors, and a Classic Car Show
at the church, a block away.

We will be meeting at Carpenter's Way Baptist Church, on West Loop 287 and Hwy 94
at 10:00AM Saturday. We will go in the corvettes, weather permitting, otherwise we will take our
other "rides". After the event, we will go to Stockman's Steak House, literally, the best 
steak you will ever eat! Get on the net and read their reviews! 

Hope to see y'all on Saturday!


From the Secretary, Sue Faircloth:
Date: November 16, 2013

First a big "thanks" to everyone for all the good food that was prepared for our meal last Tuesday night!  It was delicious!  Thanks to Gene and Lee for the steaks and for preparing them.
A big welcome to our new members: Dan Conley, Ron Barbie, Steve and Cindy Sloterdijk, Jerry and Sherry Hill, and James Bass!  We look forward to getting to know each of you and hope you enjoy our club.  Please feel free to offer any ideas you have to help make our club better.  We are always looking for new places to go or things to do.

Recap of the dates we set for upcoming events:
Tuesday, Nov. 19 @ 6:00 pm - Starbucks
Saturday, Nov. 23 @ 10:00 am - Crockett Christmas on the Square (meet at Carpenters Way Baptist
                Church, Loop 287 & Hwy 94 @ 9:00 am)
Monday, Dec. 2 @ 4:00 pm - Christmas Parade (lighted, "Cowboy Christmas" theme)
Monday, Dec. 9 @ 6:30 pm - Christmas Party at Manhattan's (brief Dec. club meeting)
Tuesday, Dec. 10 @ 10:30 am to 1:00 pm - Anderson Elementary School Car Show
Friday and Saturday, Dec. 13 & 14, all day - Toys for Tots @ Walmart parking lot
Saturday, Dec. 14 @ 7:00 pm - movie @ Pines Theater "Christmas Vacation" 
                (spiked eggnog and holiday sweater contest) Tickets $5.00, can be ordered online
Monday, Dec. 16 @ 6:30 pm till 9:00 pm - Purse Bingo benefitting Harold's House (some of the ladies are planning to attend) Tickets are $30.00 @ Harold's House
If anyone has anything to add to the calendar, please let me know.
Thanks, Sue

From the President, Steve Wilson: 
Date: October 12, 2013

I was extremely humbled by all who participated in my birthday celebration.  Thank you all soooooooooo much for a wonderful experience.  I promise you that this was the BEST birthday in my entire life and it is all because of the love and friendship that I have found in the EAST TEXAS CORVETE CLUB.... people in this world need to feel what I feel for all of you right now and maybe this world would be a better place.
Thanks again... I love you all!

From the Secretary, Sue Faircloth:
Hello Everyone!
I think everyone survived the beach trip! Had a wonderful time!  It was a "trip" in more ways than one!  A "BIG THANKS" to Larry and Debbie for their wonderful hospitality!!  And, to Steve for our great meal at Stingarees!  If you didn't get to go this year, you need to plan to go next year if possible.  It's really a great time!  Tri City Club really put on a great barbecue cookout! The local paper, Crystal Beach News covered the event: 

Okay, time for October meeting: Tuesday, October 8th at 6:15ish.  Jeep and Janis are hosting this month - a big pot of gumbo and bring your drinks...
Hope to see you there,
I misunderstood Jeep!  He said, "bring your thirst", he has an open bar!

From Pat and Chuck Royston: 
Hey there...
A big THANKS to all of you that attended the Corvette Club weekend at Crystal Beach!  It was such a good time being with all you fun-loving folks!
Thanks Steve, for the wonderful meal; thanks everyone for all the delicious snacks; thanks Gene and Jeep for the hayride in the surf, and a big thanks to Larry and Debbie for the great accommodations and hospitality.
It was ALL perfect!
Great group!
Pat and Chuck Royston

From the Secretary, Sue Faircloth:
Hello Everyone!
It's that time again; another month gone by!  Gosh, I don't remember time ever going by so fast!  okay, monthly meeting:
Where: Steve Wilson's house/shop
Casper Cove/ down Box Car Road in Hudson
When: Tuesday Night, September 10
Time: 6:15ish

Steve and Terry are cooking hamburgers!  We need each of you to bring a dessert and/or a bag of chips and dip.  And, your favorite drink.  The burgers and fixings will be provided!
We will have an update on the car show... We also have fliers ready for everyone to hand out.
Hope to see you Tuesday night!

From the Secretary, Sue Faircloth:
Subject: June Meeting
Date: Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Another month has passed us by and it's time for the meeting once again.  We will have an update on the car show and hopefully everyone will get to meet our new members to be, James and Susan Woodrome of Chester.

We had a good meeting at Starbucks on the 3rd Tuesday this month.  There were several of our members that braved the weather that night; among them was Mike Mondhein, Steve and Becki, Harold, (Carol was visiting her sister) Larry, (Debbie was home cooking), Larry invited everyone bt we thought he might need to ask Debbie first), John Ramey, and Terry and I.  Starbucks employees were impressed with the cars, even tried to get some of us to "give" them a car.  Someone suggested that they look at our age, see how long it took us to own a "dream car".  Mindfully, these were youngsters of their late teens or early 20's.

We had 5 cars to head up to Jefferson, including our newest members to be, James and Susan.  Even after a day with Steve and Harold, they sent in their form online to join our club.  It was a good day and a great outing.  Others that joined in was Rick and Kathi, Harold and Carol, Steve and Becki, and Terry and I.  You will have to ask Rick or Kathi about the $40 jar of jelly, and Harol and Carol about the $40 parking place, or coffee mugs!

Those attending Ray's that same Saturday evening were Janis and Jeep, Harold and Carol, and Terry and I.  Rick and Kathi were headed there after Jefferson.  I had to go home and recuperate for a while after returning home.  We went about 6:30 - fairly nice turnout!  A full day of cars!  Hope more of you can join us on our next adventure.

So don't forget the meeting!  Change of venue!
Ralph & Kacoo's
Tuesday, June 11
6:00 P. M. for Board Members
6:30 for Everyone


The East Texas Corvette Club Annual Car Show benefiting the Joe W. Elliott House was a "huge success"!  A "Big Thank You" from Sue to all that helped with the show!  It was greatly appreciated!

ETCC 5th Annual Car Show set for October 21, 2017