James Bass
Email:  bentonbass@yahoo.com


Rodney and Dorothy (Dee) Blankenship have owned and operated C-C Enterprises "Auto Restoration" at 11222 FM 2021, Lufkin, TX for the past 20 years.  Rodney's expertise includes Automobile Restoration - Antique & Classic, as well as sandblasting, painting and refinishing projects of every description.  Rodney has 35 years of experience in restoring cars/street rods - all makes and models for Driver or Show.  Rodney and Dee's classics include a 1954 Vette, a 1962 Vette, a 1939 Ford, and a 1967 Dodge.

Rodney is a lucky man!  Dee always has such a sweet spirit and a smile for everyone she meets.  She enjoys gardening, swimming, riding bicycles, walking and loves to cook "when she has time".  She and Rodney have 3 wonderful grandsons:  Nicolas, 23months; Grant, 21 months and Elliot who is 7 weeks old.  Dee's favorite music is Big Band, Rhythm & Blues and Josh Groban.  Dee worked 8 years for Southwestern Bell in Houston.  Relocating to Lufkin, Dee transferred her talents to Champion International where she achieved Senior Inside Sales for 18 years.  She has had a wide range of work experience including District Court, American Color and the Lufkin Daily News where she is currently employed.  Dee serves as the East Texas Corvette Club's Publicity Director and Rodney's greatest fan.

Rodney serves as the Vice President of the East Texas Corvette Club.  So much fun and the life of the party...  When asked about his hobbies, he replied, "Guess you could say cars, and restoring or refinishing just about anything from furniture, houses to an old wagon and an antique tractor."  Rodney loves history and collecting old objects.  His office is filled with antiques that the "American Pickers" would love to get their hands on.

Rodney was a Design Draftsman for Houston Lighting and Power, Power Substation and Truck Service Bodies for 30 years and a Sales Professional for 20 years.  From 1992 - 2012, he has found his calling and does the job he really likes.  "Building the car is more rewarding" for him "than showing the car".  When his customers win the trophy, he smiles, knowing he had a small part in it.  Even though one of his favorite songs is Otis Redding's "Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay...watchin' tide roll away", he has definitely not been "wastin'time"...
Email:  ccent@consolidated.net


Richard Bumpus
Email:  richardbumpus@gmail.com


Larry and Debbie Cain enjoy "Lucille", their 2001, Speedway White, all stock corvette coupe.  Going to the beach provides great joy for these two.  When Larry is not selling homes in the Lufkin area, he is managing vacation rentals at Crystal Beach.  "Summer Breeze", "Summertime Blues" and other rentals can be seen at Larry's website:  http://www.letsgotocrystalbeach.com/ 

Larry served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam Era.   He also is a consultant for small businesses through Angelina College S.B.D.C and a Realtor/Owner of Crystal Beach Realty.  Debbie is employed TXDOT and looks forward to retiring to the beach in a few years.  She keeps Larry aware of the laws and safe driving practices when cruising down the road in Lucille...  No driving and texting, Larry!

Email:  slimcain@yahoo.com & debraanncain@yahoo.com 


Harold and Carol Cassidy were married in 1960 and moved to Texas from Arkansas in 1964.  They have one daughter, Carla, and two grandaughters, Ashley and Tara, and two fur babies, Lucky and Bambi.  

Their cars consist of a 2002 Vette, 1957 T-bird, 1957 BelAire Chevy, 1965 Chevy C10 stepside truck, 1956 Fairlane town sedan and a 1977 El Camino.  The Fairlane and El Camino are waiting to be restored...(been waiting 20 years).  Harold owned a '54 Vette in 1958 and a 1958 Vette in 1968.  

Harold worked for the Lufkin News from 1964 to 1972.  He was employed by Temple Industries from 1972 until he retired in 2004.  Harold enjoys sway meets, "playing cars" and really "doing nothing".  His favorite songs are "Don't be Cruel" by Elvis and "He Stopped Loving Her Today" by George Jones.  

Carol has worked for several businesses in the Lufkin area including Texas Forest Service, Temple Industries, Lufkin City Manager's office and Lufkin Police Department.  Tired of working for other people, she started her own business in 1993, and retired in 2003.  Carol enjoys being outdoors and working in her flowers and plants.  She is also a serious shoper.  Carol loves music and has many "favorite" songs and artists.  Her oldest "fav" is probably "Jenny, Jenny" by Little Richard.

Email:  hcassidy10@suddenlink.com  


Jeep and Janis Compton enjoy the opportunity to visit with friends and remember the days when their first I.S.C.A. show car, "Dream", was awarded International Class Champion at the finale in Indianapolis.  Reminiscing is part of the fun of belonging to the East Texas Corvette Club.  Jeep has owned and restored 20 corvettes in his lifetime.  When he is not working at Compton Motors selling previously owned, late model  trucks, he is playing in his shop at home.  Jeep restores classic cars for others and travels with friends on the I.S.C.A. circuit.

Jeep's Dream has always been to restore a car of his own and win first place in the restored division at the I.S.C.A. finals.
After 38 years in education, Janis, a retired school principal, enjoys working in the flower beds and singing "swing" and "jazz" music with the Sounds of Swing big band.  Her success as a principal was due to her ability to provide a working and learning environment described by students, parents and staff as "the place everyone wants to be..."  Her only dress code requirement was to always wear a smile.  She consistently encouraged this by ending all memos with "Keep on Smiling!"  
And, they did...  

Email:  jeepc1960@yahoo.com  &  jeepc@consolidated.net 


Dan and Brenda Conley
Email:  dconley@consolidated.net


Terry and Sue Faircloth 
Sue is definitely a "Red, White, and Blue, True Texan and American Girl!  She graduated in 1979 and started her first job at Lufkin Industries.  Sue drives a 2001 C5 Black Convertible and has a 1974 Convertible waiting for her to restore.  She joined Terry at the car lot where she learned the different aspects of restoring cars.  Sanding, lots of interior work, more sanding, upholstery, more sanding, and even painting! It's a lot harder than it looks!  Sanding; seems to be a lot of that!  (Terry is so glad that Sue likes "sanding").  Obviously, Terry has read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain!  He knows how to get the hard work done! :) Sue enjoys going with Terry to the various Kruse Auctions around the nation, however she was not fond of the northern parts of this great country.
Back in Texas, after the Texas oil boom came to a halt, Terry decided to continue his work with cars, and Sue received her cosmetology license in 1992.  She has been making women beautiful ever since, and currently employed at Texas Tanglers' Full Service Salon located at 303 E. Denman, SuiteC in Lufkin, Tx.  Sue has served as PTO officer, Class Mom and participated in countless activities and fund raisers to support the community in Hudson. And now, "in her spare time", she is helping Terry with some of his on-going restoration projects, hopefully to enjoy taking them to the auction again and maybe even retiring!  Currently, Sue serves as Secretary, and Terry serves as Governor of the East Texas Corvette Club.

Sue's hobbies include water sports, especially the beach, boating, fishing, all outdoors, travel, and even helping Terry with car restorations!  Sue and Terry have two daughters, Kari and Kimberly, Sue's pride and joy!   They also have one great son-in-law and one son-in-law "on the way" in August, 2012.  They have three amazing grandchildren, Ace, Kenzie, and Logan.  Sue can't imagine anything or anyone more perfect!  She looks forward to watching them grow up and her being the best "Frammy" ever!  
Email:  tfair427@yahoo.com  &  gfair1960@yahoo.com 


Will Harris
Email:  allstarpi@gmail.com          

Pricilla Harris


Rickey Higgins and Kathi Deering Andersen
Rickey has a long list of skills and accomplishments with a great sense of humor.  When asked about his life experiences, he stated that he served in the U. S. Marines and then worked as a Service Technician/Master Tech, Hydraulics/Diesel, Designer for Lufkin Industries in R&D and Engineering.   He built a number of custom vehicles for Lufkin Industries from the ground-up.  In 1990, he was assigned to assist and build 6 special vehicles for the Lufkin Trailer Plant.  Rickey personally designed and built the "Dash", shown at the World Truck Expo in San Antonio.  That $5,000,000 custom "Trailer tug" was his break from "working on" vehicles to "Designing" them.  

He became the L. I. rep and took over supervision of "winch production" in Kansas.  With a smile, he adds, "I washed cars for Jeep Compton (LOL) at Angelina Chevrolet"... Now, that had to be perfection :)  Then he became an Active Duty Recruiter for Army National Guard in East Texas, retired, and started his own company.  He patented a few products and merged with a larger company and is now consulting.  

Rickey has customized a few bikes and was selected by Yamaha/Star Motorcycles to send his bike to Laguna Seca for a photo shoot during a GP Race Event.  "It took 6 years of hard work to be selected by Yamaha/Star Motorcycles for their Star calendar.  They chose six motorcycles from around the world to be featured."  Rickey received an all-expense paid trip for two at the World GP Race and VIP treatment.  Just before Rickey received the great news, he sold his bike.  Even though he didn't get to make that trip, he still received the award, and that's a high achievement in the custom bike world.  Yamaha still has it in their gallery. 

Rickey says Kathi was very disappointed about not taking the trip to the World GP Race, but was a great support for him.  She is country at heart and a great fan of George Strait.  Currently, Kathi is a trainer for Logan's Roadhouse.  The food and service are both sensational.  When Kathi is not working, she is a "grandmom" to 3 of the best grandchildren anyone has ever had: Chloe, Dylan, and Daniel.  

Rickey and Kathi are Charter Members of the East Texas Corvette Club. 

Email: rckhggns@aol.com & kathiandersen@ymail.com


Jerry and Sherry Hill
Email:   jsrchill@consolidated.net 

Ben and Ellen Hollis
Email:  elhollis@suddenlink.net            

Mike Monschein
Email:  mfmonschein@aol.com

Charlie Odom
Email:  codom3415@gmail.com 

Dwayne and Cassandra Prestwood  
Email:  dwayneprestwood@sbcglobal.netcassandraprestwood@sbcglobal.net         


Ellis Pellerin and Dianne Vaughn

Email: pyroot@aol.comdmvrwv86@yahoo.com


Paul Pruett 
Email:  racepp@hotmail.com  

Tom and Barbara Pender

John Ramey 
Email:  woloshuk17@aol.com  

John  and Norma Randle
Email:  dr23tx@yahoo.com  

Don Ridgeway
Email:  redvetter@gmail.com    


Chuck and Pat Royston
Former and Future Corvette owners!  They have owned 6 Vettes and Love'em! Currently, they are in the Property Management business of single family homes in the Lufkin area.  Their hobbies include reading, music and traveling.  Their favorite song is "How Sweet It is to be Loved By You" by James Taylor.  When their friends see them together, they know James Taylor wrote this just for Chuck and Pat.  

Chuck is a retired aerospace engineer that worked on all 17 Apollo Missions and also a Program Manager on the TRIDENT Submarine Program.  Pat was a professional motivational speaker and trainer.  They are currently expanding their Property Management business and enjoying life.

Email:  cpr1434@gmail.com  


Lee Slaughter  
Email:  slaughterandson@yahoo.com 

Steve and Cindy Sloterdijk
Email:  scloterdijk@yahoo.com
Gene and Tanya Sullivan:
Gene is the proud owner of The Choice Cut Meat Market where you can find the best steaks in town.  Smoked chicken and chops are prepared daily that melt in your mouth.

When he is not hunting for wild game, his annual schedule includes processing deer each season for hundreds of customers and traveling the countryside in search of the "one of a kind" or "rare" classic car.

Through the years, Gene has owned some of the finest classics and is known throughout the car circuit for bringing quality cars to the shows.  His new toy, a 1969 Camaro, RS-SS convertible, 396 cu-375 hp., X22-L78, 4-speed, certified by Jerry MacNeish, is appropriately named "Choice 1" and will hit the I. S. C. A. circuit this year.

Email:  choicecutgene@gmail.com 
 Judd and Kim Williamson
 Email: Juddw@consolidated.net       


Stacy Williams contributes to the club with her artistic and creative talents.  Stacy is a school counselor;  she also makes presentations and educates adults on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.

Stacy is an artist and is currently pursuing several artistic endeavors.  She is creating products for educators that will combine art with a variety of concepts that are expected to be taught and learned in school curriculums today.  She is completing a children's book to help parents, teachers and counselors inform and educate children on how to stay safe and what to do if they get lost.  Stacy also has an online store:  www.zazzle.com/swilliamsdesigns where you can purchase one-of-a-kind, unique greeting cards, post cards and posters.  You can choose the design and have your own personal greeting printed on the inside and mailed to you.  You can also contact Stacy if you would like a personalized card/design, or other products and she will create it.  Most of Stacy's art is personalized, and she strives to create every design as unique and different as the customer.  If yo would like to see a wide variety of Stacy's work, have a look on her website:  http://www.s-williamsdesigns.com/ 

Email:  swilliams_2000@hotmail.com 


James (Poncho) and Susan Woodrome
Email: woodromes@msn.com 
Steve Wilson 
Email: terrycat7@hotmail.com            

Getting to know us...

ETCC 5th Annual Car Show set for October 21, 2017